Back in my college days there was always one of my friends who got drunk on Saturday night and needed to be taken care of. Oftentimes the unenviable task of babysitting this friend fell on me, and it was exhausting.

“No peeing in the street!”

“Do NOT punch that officer!”

“Dancing on top of a moving car is a bad idea!”

“Dude! That is not food! I… I don’t know what that is.”

This drunk friend (full disclosure: there were nights it was me) was always on the verge of doing something incredibly dangerous and/or ill-advised. Luckily, by morning he would be back to normal and I no longer had to worry about him harming himself or ending up in jail.

I bring this up because – now that Annie is in her Terrible Twos – she reminds me a lot of those drunk college friends of mine. Unfortunately, as opposed to my college buddies, Annie wakes up each morning just as hyper and ready for danger as she was the night before!

Annie, of course, is many things my college friends were not. She is adorable, loving, and has never criticized me for listening to too many Paul McCartney solo albums. But part of her growing up and getting to be a bit more autonomous means that she is more capable than ever before of hurting herself or doing damage to the house.

Contemplating how she can turn her Dad’s hair even whiter.

Here, for example, are a couple of many “moments with Annie” today:

I was in the kitchen when I suddenly heard pounding and Annie’s little voice hollering, “No! Stop!” I immediately dropped what I was doing and sprinted into the family room to find her smacking our TV repeatedly with one of Heather’s shoes. Upon closer inspection I saw that she was watching “The Princess and the Frog,” and was smacking the Shadow Man (the movie’s bad guy) in hopes of helping Tiana escape to safety. Yes, this was totally adorable, but I’m lucky she didn’t shatter our TV.

Annie recently discovered she loves jumping, which is wonderful. Today, however, she discovered that what she really loves is jumping on surfaces such as our coffee table and couch. This lead to a close call where Annie nearly tumbled off our couch and only avoided cracking her head open because dear ol’ Dad grabbed her just in the nick of time.

Making matters even worse is that, like my drunk college pals, Annie isn’t one to listen to reason.

“Jumping on the table is not a good idea!”

“Annie jump! Fun!”

“Annie! Stop!”


Here’s the thing… I understand little ones need to be looked after, but the Terrible Twos need a lot more supervision than the Wonderful Ones. I am looking forward to the day when she become a little more aware of danger and her self preservation instinct kicks in a bit. That day is coming soon, right? RIGHT?!