The following is one of the posts I wrote for my wife’s website,, during Maddie’s ten-week stay in the NICU.

It has now been more than a week since Heather held Maddie and declared it the best day of her life (as opposed to the day I proposed to her and leveraged my future to purchase a ridiculously priced ring that likely sent more African children coughing into a mine than I care to imagine). But whatever, I am here now to talk about the best day of MY life…the day I held Maddie! It was great, and it was amazing to be able to look directly down into her little face and see her look up at me with those little eyes! I try to imagine what she might be thinking, but it is impossible, so I simply try to make her love and feel safe around this oaf she sees in front of her. I also try to teach her this innoculous little manta…”Daddy is better than Mom, and in time we will take over the world with mind-control.” I don’t really know if I will ever be to take over the world with mind-control, but I figure if I ever do I will want Maddie at my side. I will likely allow Heather to join the triumvirate despite her “best day of her life” comment.

In other news, Maddie keeps advancing forward! Progress is slow, and she will likely be in the hospital at least another month, but she is advancing! She wore her first bit of clothing (a camouflouge shirt H bought her at the pumping station…because she is a fighter/survivor…cue the Beyonce song), and as we speak she is being brought off the ventilator and will hopefully start breathing on her own. This is a HUGE step, and I hope things are going well. I’m letting H be there as this happens, because I really need a break from the stress of it all. I think I was there too much in the early really ugly days (where they basically told me she was going to die in a matter of minutes a few times) that I get too stressed out at these big changes. I will go over ASAP, but thought I’d let H ride out the stress of her coming off the ventilator. No need to worry too much though, readers. If Maddie doesn’t like being off the ventilator they will simply put her back on it.

Well, that is the update! It is also Rigby and Maddie’s cousin Spencer’s Birthday today! So, good times! Hope all is well with you all!