I don’t have a macho job. I am not a firefighter that ladies salivate over, I am not a professional athlete full of muscles that, again, ladies salivate over, and I am not part of the armed forces. No one will be calling me one of “the true American heroes” anytime soon.

I am a stay at home Dad.

I change diapers, speak the language of “Goo-Goo-Ga-Ga,” and add medicine to a bottle of formula faster than Kobe can drain a three. I am cool with doing this humble job because it has the best perk ever…working with this awesome chick named Maddie. Don’t believe me? Check out this photo…she’s like a total superstar!

My Dad rocks!!!!

Here’s the thing…sometimes it hurts me that the rest of the world never fails to disrespect the job of a stay at home Dad.

What follows are just a couple examples of what I have to deal with on a daily basis…

Example #1: A cable guy was at our place to fix a problem with our TV yesterday when he looked over at me holding Maddie and said, “Got the day off, do ya, pal?” I shook my head and told him that I was a stay at home dad. He looked liked I was an alien.

“A stay at home Dad?” he cackled.

“Yes,” I replied.

An awkward beat passed.

I stared back at him with a big dumb smile before he returned to his wires and cables. Now for real, if it was a Mom on the couch with her child would she have ever heard such a question?

Example #2: I was at the check-out stand at the store when the checker said, “Aww. Is Dad babysitting today?” Again I stared back with a big dumb smile, but what I wanted to scream was, “I am not babysitting! Teenage girls from down the block babysit! I’m just being a Dad! Dads do not babysit!”

Whatever. I am cool being a stay at home Dad. The thing is I don’t think too many guys are as mellow as me. The news talks so much about the problem of absentee dads, but perhaps it would be less of an issue if our culture didn’t shame fathers so much for doing what everyone expects them to do.