Upon reaching the age of thirty-seven I was pretty sure that I didn’t have any hidden talents left to discover, but thanks to Annie I’ve learned that isn’t true. This weekend she showed me that I am, in fact, a brilliant clothing designer!

The roots of my new discovery can be traced to Annie’s latest obsession: making things. Annie uses her crayons to color a piece of paper, then asks me to cut it into a number of different shapes. She then tapes the pieces together using way, waaaay too much scotch tape.

“Look!” she’ll say when she’s done. “It’s a purse!”

The “purse,” of course, looks almost nothing like a purse, but she’s having fun and that’s all that matters. I, on the other hand, am pretty tired of cutting shapes and helping her tape them together, so that might explain why I went along with what happened next.

I was working on my computer when Annie ran over holding one of her baby dolls. As is often the case with baby dolls owned by little girls, this one was naked.

“Can we make her a dress? Would that be special?”

“I’m sorry, Annie, but right now I’m –”

“Pleaaaaaaaaase, Daddy?! PLEAAAAAAASE?”

“Okay, okay,” I said. “How do we make her a dress?”

Annie smiled from ear to ear, then did what she always does. She grabbed some crayons, made a drawing, then directed me to cut it into shapes. This time, though, she acted like a little Tim Gunn.

“Cut it here so it’s a long dress!”

“Make it pretty!”

“That piece is too big! Cut it smaller!”

After a few minutes I started to have opinions of my own about the dress.

“What if we cut holes here, Annie? That way her arms could go through like sleeves!”


“And I think we should cut the bottom of the dress to be more round. Would that be special?”

“Yeah, Daddy!”

We could make a hat, too. Something summery!”

“That would be special!”

Yep. It turns out I’ve got some skillz in the designing department. I present the first dress off of our fashion line, Le Spohr:




Very chic, don’t you think?