You may have noticed that I didn’t write a blog post last Thursday like I usually do, and that’s because the previous Monday I started a new position at BuzzFeed. BuzzFeed is a cool website with a wide variety of content – it can be funny, serious, political, and full of dog and cat .gifs all at the same time – and I’ve joined the DIY section as an associate editor. I’ll be writing about parenting, projects and crafts, and a whole lot other things, too.

One of the interesting things about starting this job is that I’m working outside of the home again. I worked as a copywriter for a large company during Annie’s first year of life, but I’ve since worked from home doing freelance copywriting, writing articles, and developing a film project with a production company. I’ve been busy, but I’ve been around the house, which means that Annie has only ever really known life with her dad a stuffed animal’s throw away. Annie is also a total Daddy’s girl, so she likes having me around (we’ll see how long that lasts…the teenage years are coming fast).

Heather and I discussed how to help Annie with this transition (also known as the “How to keep Annie from losing her $%^$” discussions), and we decided the best thing to to do would be to introduce her to the concept a little bit each day. Luckily, there were a couple weeks between my being hired and my first day, so we had some time to help her prepare. Annie knows that I work on the computer for a living, so we told her that I would still be working on my computer, but now I would drive my car to work in a building in Los Angeles. I then made it clear that while I may be gone during the day, I would be home every night to have dinner with her and her brother, chat about how awesome princesses are, and do our usual bedtime routine. Annie nodded and accepted this, which I was very happy about.

Of course, there’s a big difference between being okay with the concept of Daddy working outside of the house versus Daddy actually working outside of the house, and things have gone a little less smoothly since I’ve started. Heather’s had to deal with the transition, but it will get better, I think, with time. Each night I give Annie a lot of attention so she knows that she’s still my best girl, and hopefully that’s helping ease her through.

There’s one funny thing about all of this I have to mention. Annie almost – but not quite – knows where I work. Whenever anyone asks her where my new job is she replies, “Daddy works at Breast Feed!” I’m sure there are some very confused people out there who are very confused about what the heck it is I’m now doing.

I’m still going to be writing on this blog, as I love to write down for posterity my experiences raising my kids, but it won’t be as regularly as it has been up until now. In the meantime, Heather will still be here, and you can always catch up with my writing at BuzzFeed! Thanks to everyone for reading, and I’ll see you soon.