On Friday my sister’s family was in town, so we all went to “Giggles & Hugs,” a kid’s restaurant here in Los Angeles that is ALL about the little ones.

First, all of the food on the kid menu has vegetables “hidden” in them. The hamburger, for example, has chopped carrots in the pattie, and the macaroni and cheese has puried squash in the cheese sauce. 

Second, the middle of the restaurant is one giant play area complete with a balloon artist, video games, toys, slides, etc. While Maddie was too young to really enjoy the place to the fullest, my nephews, Spencer, almost 4, and Danny, 18 months, had a great time and eating clandestine veggies to boot! 

The funniest part, however, was that it was “disco night,” so shortly after we got there the lights went down, a disco ball dropped, and a DJ in a giant afro-wig and garish clothes started playing classics from the seventies like “YMCA” and “Dancing Queen.” It was hilarious to watch all the kids bopping around at their own disco party, although I must say watching their parents awkwardly dance was even funnier.

Y! M! C! A!

There were even two guys in “Elmo” and “Cookie Monster” suits who were busting a move among all of this madness. Honestly, if you told me this whole experience was something I imagined after seeing an Allman Brothers Band concert in an enclosed space I would not be surprised.

Also, can I add that at some points it seemed as if Elmo and the Cookie Monster liked each other a little TOO much?


Furries, anyone?

After dinner we all came back to our place where Spencer suddenly was enamored with Maddie! My sister told me that on the drive down from San Francisco he kept asking “Are we going to see baby Madeline?”

Check out the cuteness:

I love you!

Just chillin'

It would have been TOTALLY adorable, and not adorable/slightly disconcerting, if at one point Spencer hadn’t turned his hand sideways and and run it across Maddie’s waist while yelling, “Look! I’m cutting her in half!”

Heather and I looked at each other as my sister laughed softly and said, “He’s just kidding.” I was like, “Really, sis? ‘Cause I thought he actually was cutting her in half.”

Anyway, we’ll chalk that one up to the “kids say the darndest things” category, and remember the two like this: