The following is a post I wrote for my wife’s website,

Heather has done a great job of keeping everyone updated on the goings-on here with Maddie, but unfortunately she is sick today with the same illness that previously knocked Maddie and myself out for a while. With that being the case I will blog today in her place, and I’d like to think of myself sort of as Heather’s own Joan Rivers. Ol’ Plastic Face, if you remember (or read about in the history books), was Johnny Carson’s official fill-in, and would host whenever Johnny couldn’t. Now I don’t see myself as a woman, let alone one who has had more plastic surgery than I’m sure I’d have even if I was in a horrible car crash, but I’m here nonetheless!

As opposed to interviewing a cast member of Dynasty or Eight Is Enough, as Joan may have, I will instead tell you about my day. As Heather alluded to in her previous post, I am doing most everything on my own right now what with Heather being sick. With that said, here are the highlights of my schedule the last 24 hours (NOTE: Woman who want children with their boyfriend or husband should be careful that this document does not fall in their hands):

4:15 til 5:00 -Changing diaper, feeding baby, rocking her to sleep.
8:00 til 8:30 – more diapers, more feeding, more rocking to sleep.
8:30 til 8:45 – Check email, use restroom
8:45 til 8:50 – Take Rigby outside to go to bathroom…nod an awkward hello to the pretty business woman leaving in Armani as I walk my dog in PJs and messy hair.
8:50 til 9:00 – Check on Heather who is miserable. Bring the poor thing medicine.
9:00 til 9:30 – give Maddie her breathing treatments
9:30 til 10:00 – feed Madeline
10:00 til 11:30 – Get some writing done.
11:30 til 11:45 – Change Maddie’s diaper and rock her to sleep
11:45 til 12:00 – Take care of Heather, bring her food
12:00 til 2:30 – Got a chance to work, but also lots of caring for baby and pup…
2:30 – 300: Get Maddie and Heather ready to go to the doctor
3:00 – 3:15 – Drop Heather off and get home with Maddie
3:15 – 3:30 – Take Rigby out to the bathroom
3:30 – 4:00 – Give Maddie her breathing treatments and change her diaper
4:00- 4:15 – Pick up Heather and take her home
4:15 – 4:45 – Fill Heather’s prescription….

Shoot. I’m tired of chronicling the day at this point let alone living it! Just be aware that after this point I held the dog for an hour and a half because she kept barking while Heather tried to sleep, and, oh yeah, gave Maddie another feeding and diaper change!

Heather, when up and able, plays a huge role in getting all these things done everyday, and, even though I already appreciated her, have come to appreciate her even more what with how much she does for our family. I will be happy when she is better, but in the meantime I am able to keep rollin’ thanks to things such as the following, when, after giving Maddie to Heather so I could shower, I came back to see this…