I totally woke up this morning with the intention of writing the post to end all posts. You were going to be LOLing at my hilarious stories, swooning at adorable photos of Maddie, and itching to write a comment telling me how great I am. Shoot…I was even going to post a video of myself doing back flips on a trampoline WITHOUT having to cover my eyes in the process! (Confused? Check out this.) Unfortunately, a post for the time capsule is not going to happen today because I am sick – big time – and sinus headaches and chest congestion don’t exactly inspire wacky posts of gold. In fact, they make you write poorly…as proven by this paragraph.

To make matters worse lil’ Madeline is sick too. Thankfully this isn’t the kind of sickness that will land her back in the hospital again, as I took Le Bebe to her doctor yesterday and was told that Maddie’s oxygen levels were still very good. The bad news, however, is that she is coughing and crying throughout much of the day. This, as you can imagine, has made caring for her miserable. It’s one thing to be caring for a happy, smiling baby when you’re sick, but to be sick and caring for a baby as unhappy as you ranks somewhere near a trip to the DMV with a toothache. It’s also another reason why being a stay at home parent is way harder than most people think. As opposed to other jobs you can never call in sick no matter how sick.

Nevertheless, I managed to get through the day because, whenever I thought I was going to crack, I had this sad little face staring up at me:

Anyway, Heather will be home soon (she had to work late, of course), and I will go lay down. If all goes well I will be up and at ’em soon and typing up that kick-ass post.

Do any of you have a good story about caring for a child while sick?