When Maddie was not much older than Annabel is now we took her on our annual family trip to Arizona to relax and take in some spring training baseball games. Maddie had a great time playing with her cousins and even went to a game or two, but what she REALLY loved was looking into the floor length mirror in our hotel room.


She would peer at the girl staring back at her and laugh and laugh.


It was so cute to watch. Maddie was mesmerized – totally in love with her reflection.

Lately I have been reminded of Maddie and that hotel mirror a lot because Annabel has started to act the same way whenever she finds herself in front of a mirror.

Finding herself

She stares at herself and laughs and laughs, every bit as in love with her reflection as Maddie was. Unfortunately, as much as I wish she would always be so pleased with what she sees in the mirror, I know that is highly unlikely.

When do we all stop loving the reflection we see in the mirror?

When do we start to overlook our beauty and see only our faults?

When does a mirror cease to be a source of joy and become something to avoid?

It’s heartbreaking to think that sometime in the future I might find Annie staring at herself in a mirror with sadness instead of joy. If that day does come, however, I will tell her to smile, because I will always find her reflection as beautiful as she thinks it is now.