Yesterday was May 1st which means that – holy crap – we’re going to have a baby this month. It’s definitely time to tie up any loose ends like getting rid of clutter in our house and, oh yeah, finally naming the kid. In addition to that, though, it’s also important to have as much quality time with Annie as possible, so when Heather was invited to an event at Disneyland yesterday, I decided to drop what I was doing and join them for the fun.

Like the last time we took Annie to Disneyland (on her birthday), we decided not to tell her where we were going so we could surprise her when we got there. While that worked like gangbusters last time (“Whoa! We’re at Disneyland!”), this time it just seemed to confuse and anger her. Even after I announced, “We’re at Disneyland!” she didn’t quite buy it. “Are you sure?” she asked. When I nodded, excited, she just glared at me as if to say, “Not cool, man. NOT COOL!”

Annie soon got into the spirit of things when we walked through the gates and immediately stumbled upon Princess Aurora. I was pleased that the line to meet her was short, but it ended up taking longer than expected because Aurora took a lot of time with each kid. It’s funny – when we were waiting I was like, “Uh! She’s taking too long! Move things along, Princess!” But when it was Annie’s turn I suddenly had no problem with her style and loved all the attention she lavished on Annie. Total hypocrite, I know.

“Your father needs to learn to be more patient.”

Next I asked Annie where she wanted to go the most in Disneyland and she said without hesitation that she wanted to ride the carousel. Annie has no interest in the rides most people love, like Space Mountain, but horses going round in circles to tinkly music? That is da bomb diggitty.



Yes, I realize I said “da bomb diggitty.” Yes, I realize it was awkward for all of us. Let’s just try to move on, shall we?

We, of course, did more princess stuff after that. We rode Ariel’s Underwater Adventure and visited the new Fantasy Faire to watch a performance of “Beauty and the Beast,” which had Annie enraptured.

Dee, the little girl next to Annie, was not nearly as impressed.

From there we hit It’s A Small World After All (which made up for it being closed on Annie’s birthday), sped through the Cars themed Radiator Springs Racers, and took a spin on the Ferris wheel. Contrary to what you may have heard, I didn’t freak out after looking ALL THE WAY down when we reached the top.

photo 4.JPG

photo 1.JPG
“What? You took a photo, Heather? Not cool. Not cool!”

We also took to the skies for Dumbo’s Flying Elephant Ride. I got a kick out of this sign at the entrance:


Being the totally mature adult that I am, I had to do my best impression:


Annie’s going to continue to get lots of attention after the baby arrives, but there’s no denying that our family dynamic is going to change. That’s why I was so glad we could have such a nice day together. What made me even happier, though, was hearing what Annie had to say on the way out. “Dada, next time can we bring my baby brother?” Sounds to me like she’s not nearly as worried the future as I am.