Last weekend I was looking at a .gif on my computer when Annie sat next to me and asked, “What’s that thing that goes over and over and over again?” Once I explained it to her she was immediately smitten. We spent the next ten minutes looking at dog “jeffs” (as she calls them) until she finally turned to me and asked, “Can you make a jeff of me?”

It’s actually not hard to make a .gif (there are a number of websites that will let you make one for free), so I surprised Annie by making some .gifs of her from our Friday videos!


From “The Amazing Annabel and the Case of the Missing Blankie.”

Slippin’ and Slidin’!

From “Peace Out Club Mix.”


From “Speed Racer Annie.”

Ice cream!

From “Annie Versus The Ice Cream.”


From “I’ve Been Good All Year.”

Annie was very excited when I showed these to her, and she especially loved the last one which she said is “Me jumping like five little monkeys over and over!” I think I’ve created a monster, though. When I put her to bed tonight she said, “Tomorrow we’ll make new jeffs of me, okay?”