On Sunday morning Annabel woke up in the hospital with her Mommy and Daddy, and from the look of things she was starting to feel real comfortable there.

Ready for her massage

Before long, however, she and Daddy tired of staring at the same four walls and went a little stir crazy!

Ready to go!!!

Mommy was ready to go too, so the three of them decided to blow that place…

Leaving the hospital

Annie wasn’t quite sure what to think of her first ride in a car seat…

First ride in car seat

…but she was much happier when she got home and tried out her bassinet.

Chillin' in her basinet

She also really liked snuggling in her boppy.

After a while Annie decided to open her eyes so she could take a look around her new digs.

Checkin' out the place

Something tells me she likes her new home just fine.

Happy at home