After writing about James’ birth story and how he met his big sister, I realized there were still a few cute/funny stories I hadn’t mentioned about our hospital stay:

Great Minds Think Alike

Before we left for the hospital in the wee hours of Thursday morning, Heather laid out a dress and cardigan for Annie to wear on the big day. She’d picked the outfit up at her beloved, “Tarjay,” and knew that Annie would look really cute in it. Later, after I complimented Heather on her good taste, she told me that – despite how well the dress and cardigan went together – they weren’t a set and she’d found the items on different racks.

Many hours later my sister, Monica, and her kids arrived at the hospital, so I went to welcome them. Upon pushing into the waiting room I did a double take – Annie and her cousin, Michaela, were wearing the exact same outfit right down to the cardigan!


I looked to Monica, who laughed, embarrassed.

“Target?” I asked.

Monica nodded and said, “I don’t know how this happened. I didn’t find the cardigan anywhere near the dress!”

When we look back at photos from James’ birth day many years from now I’m sure we’ll be baffled as to why Annie and Michaela were dressed alike.

Annie the First

I mentioned yesterday that James “gave” Annie a Sofia the First dress as a present. Annie, of course, insisted on wearing it right away, and today I realized I took a photo of our little Sofia on my iPhone:


The craziest part is that after I took this photo Michaela showed up wearing the same dress! Just kidding. Now THAT would have been something.

Born To Rock

Maddie and Annie were both born with a lot of hair, and James was no different. Our nurse was so impressed with his luscious locks that after giving him his first bath she styled it into a faux hawk.


He’s already cooler than his old man.

Have One On Us

I mentioned on Monday that, because every last room in postpartum was filled, we weren’t able to move into one until the following afternoon. What I didn’t mention was what we did that first night.

For a while it looked like we were going to spend the night in Recovery (with me trying to doze as I sat upright), but around eleven-thirty our nurse said they had a room. It was normally used for imaging, but on rare nights when Postpartum was full, they sometimes put patients in it. “I must warn you, though,” she cautioned. “It’s small and doesn’t have any windows.” What it did have was a private bathroom and a pull out chair I could sleep on, so we were ecstatic.

The next morning a hospital administrator nervously shuffled into the room, apologized profusely, and promised that we’d be the first family moved into Postpartum. When he finished talking he stared at us as if waiting to be chewed out, but when we told him not to worry about it he broke into a smile.

“Wow. You guys are being really great about this. Can we pick up your parking?”

Heather and I looked at each other. “Uh, sure!”

“How about a free meal?”


“And a Starbucks coffee?”


The administrator handed us some vouchers and left. I then turned to Heather, way too excited.

“I feel like we’re in Vegas and just got comped!”

Heather shook her head and told me not to use them all in one place.

I may have enjoyed “living large” at the hospital thanks to my vouchers, but I’m much happier to have James home, safe and sound.