The TV is on all the time at our house since someone is always awake to hold, feed, change, or cuddle Annabel. TV in the middle of the night is super boring. Normally, this is where our DVR would come in handy, but for the last week and a half, we’ve had the Winter Olympics on almost non-stop.

Two years ago we watched the Summer Olympics non-stop, but with Madeline. When Mike and I would cheer and clap, she would clap along with us.

Maddie was a little sprite, tiny and powerful, so Mike and I imagined she’d grow up to be a gymnast. He even wrote about it on his blog:

Maddie has suddenly turned into a gymnast in her crib, something which I attribute to the fact that Heather and I have made her watch the Olympics ad nauseum. Maddie clearly wants to be the next Shawn Johnson, because whenever I put her down lately she flops about her crib like she’s going about her own little floor exercise. Unfortunately, at this point she is not exactly sticking her landings.

Check out the following positions I recently found her in:

Ouch. I don’t even want to know what score the Russian judge gave her for those.

She may not be an expert yet, but Maddie is nonetheless very proud of her gymnastic skills:

We can’t help but think she would have loved the Winter Olympics. Maybe she’d have been a little snowboard shredder, or a downhill demon, or a curling star. We know for sure that she would have looked cute in the cold-weather gear:

snow bunny