Maddie used to LOVE bath time.

Maybe this bath thing isn't so bad.
In her baby bath

bubble head
In her bath seat in the bath tub

Then, one day, she HATED the bath. It was like a switch was flipped. Everyone told me it was fairly common for kids to suddenly hate baths, so we powered through it. I tried mixing things up. Sometimes I’d take her into the shower with me, so she could have the closeness and skin to skin contact. She didn’t really dig that, either, but she definitely liked it more than the bathtub.

She LOVED swimming though. Last summer Mike and I took her swimming in my parents’ pool.

swimming with mommy and daddy

Mommy kisses

Maddie and I last went swimming when we were in Arizona in March. I was so excited to put her in her new bikini, and she was obviously pretty excited to wear it.

Off to the pool!
Off to the pool

We had so much fun in the pool, splashing and clinging to each other.

There were big plans for this summer. Swimming lessons were on the docket. And the fashion!

Maddie Moozer Fashion Paloozer - Swimsuit Edition
Please, the lighting here is just not up to par!

Maddie Moozer Fashion Paloozer - Swimsuit Edition

baby foot in a flip flop

I’m so glad I took pictures of her in the suits. With the exception of the yellow suit, it was the only time she wore them.

She would have knocked the water wings off of everyone at the pool.