On your birthday, we wore purple, like always.

in purple

We smothered your sister with twice the love. I don’t think she minded.


And then, like we did with you two years ago, we had creme puffs.

I do not know about this.

Your sister seemed bothered by the consistency. (What does she know, she’s just a baby, right?)

We showed her pictures of you eating your creme puff.

birthday cream puff

We sang you happy birthday, and your sister danced and clapped. We showed her videos of you. She already knows them by heart. She shrieked “BAYBEE” and bounced. I’d say that’s a big compliment.

Your daddy and I, we talked about you all day. We sometimes gasped in the middle of sentences, and held our sides, and turned our faces away from your sister so she wouldn’t be scared by our wet eyes. We hugged her extra hard.

We miss you infinity times infinity plus eternity. We love you infinity times infinity plus eternity plus one.

And now we will sleep, and hope, as always, to dream of you.