The first time I heard it, I was sitting in the front seat my my parents’ car. My dad was driving, and my mom was in the back seat with Madeline. At that moment, no one was talking, and the radio was low. Suddenly, one of the cutest, funniest sounds I’d ever heard came from the back seat. My dad and I started cracking up, having no idea that my mom was assisting Maddie. The two of them kept us entertained for the rest of the drive, and when we jumped from the car we demanded to see her in action.

As she got older, Maddie learned how to make the noise on her own. If you mimicked the sound, she’d start to make it. Every time we drove somewhere, I would mimic the sound if she got too quiet in the back seat. If she was awake, she’d immediately respond.

But, my favorite times were when she’d decide to do it on her own, apropos of nothing. We could be sitting there quietly, snuggling or maybe flipping through the pages of a book. She’d turn and look up at me, get a smile on her face, slowly bring her arm up to her mouth, and then start making the noise. She got such a kick out of making us laugh. I always said she was destined to be a performer.

if you can’t see the video above click here.

When we hear it now, we smile wistfully.