When my oldest nephew was six or so months old, my sister-in-law had professional photos taken of him. They turned out amazing, with a bunch of shots perfect for framing. I was always drawn to one large collage she’d had made that had all of his adorable little baby parts. I remember swearing I would do something similar when I had my own kids.

Mike and I have been on a tear lately, finally hanging up the framed photos we’ve had leaning against our walls for years. We have a lot of empty wall space and we have been doing something about it. Wedding and engagement photos are up. Some of my favorite landscape shots I’ve taken have been blown up, framed, and hung. And yesterday, I finally made good on the promise I made to myself four and a half years ago and put together a collage of Madeline’s sweet little parts.

eye lashes
her amazing eyelashes

her tiny toes

her little earlobe

two teeth wrapped with a bow
two teeth with rosy lips

tiny fingers
her fingers that I washed a million times a day but could never keep clean

those amazing perfect curls

41/365: What's This?
a kissable belly

I spent hours looking at her every inch of her, memorizing the body that I’d grown inside of me. I will always remember how soft her skin was, her silky hair, and the way her eyelashes tickled my neck when she nuzzled into me.

We haven’t hung this frame on the wall yet. We’re looking for a place where there is plenty of room, since in half a year or so there will be another frame of perfect baby parts hanging next to it.