The little girls have been so cute together on this vacation.

Annie and Michaela
a miraculous moment where they were both still

Whenever they are apart, they ask for each other. It’s really cool to see them interacting, talking, figuring each other out.

"get under covers, kayla"
Kayla, let’s go night night

I said yesterday that the girls follow Danny around like ducklings, and that is still true. We laid it on him hard last night at dinner. “Danny, you know that the girls look up to you. If you’re on your best behavior, they will be, too.” It was like a light went off in his head. “Girls, shhh, it’s dinner, we’re on good behavior!” Self-policing, YES.

trying to catch Danny

When I see all the cousins together, especially the little girls, I can’t help but wonder where Maddie would fit in. Spencer, at seven, wants to be with the adults. That leaves Danny to play with the little girls. If Maddie was here, would she and Danny be off together? Or would they be bossing around the younger two together?


I always have these pangs when the cousins are together, but I think it’s going to hurt the most when we’re on this annual trip. It was the last place they were all together before Maddie died. The timing is always going to put us back here right before the horrible anniversary of her death. Try as I might to make the sun shine, there is always going to be a bit of a shadow over this trip.

When I see the two little girls hugging, it makes me smile and it breaks my heart. They would have loved Maddie.

Night night, Kayla. Hug and kiss you.

She would have loved them so much, too.