Annabel is getting too smart for me. She knows which remote control changes the TV from cable to Yo Gabba Gabba and Sesame Street DVDs. When the phone rings, she can answer it. And my iPhone’s security systems are no match for her tiny fingers.

She is fascinated by our computers, and when I have my laptop open she likes to come over to see what I’m doing. My mom once showed her a video of herself, and now all she wants to do is watch herself on my laptop. She’ll climb up on the couch next to me, point to the screen and say, “see Annie!” Except she pronounces it “Ah-knee.” She’s very pretentious.

Of COURSE she’s figured out how to replay videos and select different ones. Mike doesn’t even know how to do that. But I was still surprised when she stumbled on a video of Maddie first learning to crawl. She was enthralled, exclaiming “Baby!” and then “Maddie!” She played it a few times in a row before I came out of my stupor. I pointed my web browser to different videos of Maddie to Annie’s great delight.

I have no idea how long we sat on the couch, watching videos of Maddie. Annie clapped and laughed and squealed at her sister. I smiled at both of my girls, the older one entertaining the younger one.

I was lost in thought when I heard Annie’s little voice say, “Maddie? Where Maddie?” I realized she’d clicked on a random video without Maddie in it, and that’s why she was asking where Maddie was, but I was still jolted. I quickly fixed the situation by putting on a new Maddie video.

As Annie sighed and giggled, I thought about when she’ll ask me that question wanting a different answer. If only I could bring her sister back with a few clicks of my mouse.