After the mega heat we experienced last week, I was surprised to wake up to rain yesterday. I wasn’t upset about it, in fact I was glad. It was the perfect excuse to stay inside.

I still had a lot to do, and my parents helped me out by taking Annabel and Rigby for the day. A couple things ended up being rescheduled, so I suddenly found myself home alone.

It was weird.

I did what I could, tried to catch up on housework and writing and the like. Then I got two pieces of bummer news, followed by an email that included the line:

I haven’t been to your blog in a while because I get so depressed reading about your life.

I get emails like this every now and then and I don’t know what to say. I don’t really know what the point is behind telling me something like that.

I used to want to respond to emails and comments like that by saying, “I’m glad you can take a break! I live it every day!” I was tempted to this time. But since I was alone, I had time to think.

Yes, something hideous and awful happened and my daughter died. But wouldn’t it be more depressing if we’d given up that day? If Mike and I had decided to stop living? Instead, we realized we had to take this awful thing and do something good with it. That’s why we started Friends of Maddie. That’s why I go places and speak about living through grief. Mike and I live FOR Madeline. We live FOR Annabel. We LIVE.

I don’t really see how that’s depressing.

speaking of not depressing, go win something awesome here.