Even when I want to just curl up in a ball and shut out the world, I can’t. There is a certain small person that needs food and diapers and fresh air. So I put on clothes (unmatching) and put my hair in a ponytail (super messy) and left the house. I think I remembered shoes. I brought along that small person, who absolutely refused to remove the princess dress she’d pulled on over her clothes. Whatevah. Princess in Target, no big whoop.

princess at Target

If you ever want to distract people from your tired swollen eyes, might I suggest always having a child in costume with you? No one will bother looking at you at all. In fact, they will crash into things because they are too busy looking at the little girl in the princess dress playing with cars.

this car doesn't roll

The girl in the princess dress can sense something is off. She says, “Mama, what’s wrong,” with such urgency and understanding that I sometimes think she is the parent. I need to do a better job of hiding my sads.


It was a treat for her to come along to the store with me. There are so many distractions for a little one, and I like to get in and get out. But this time I let her wander and touch, and as I watched I was thankful for the opportunity to do something as simple as observe my child.


Even when she flipped out because I wouldn’t buy her Cars training pants.


Things are out of control and out of my control, but I have a small person in a princess dress that wants hugs and tickles.

Target is fun

That is something I can manage.