Today I waked through a door, and for just a moment I got a whiff of Jackie’s perfume. I took another breath through my nose, but the scent was gone.

Jackie is completely unresponsive now. It’s impossible to imagine. Impossible.

Over the last few days, Jackie’s Facebook page has been flooded with photos of her from people who have known her from all stages of her life. There are pictures from her elementary school days all the way up to snaps from just a few weeks ago. It’s amazingly powerful to scroll through the messages of love and support mixed in with the pictures of Jackie’s smiling face. It’s a huge testament to her…the pictures keep coming, the notes keep being written. She is loved by so many.

I uploaded dozens of photos of Jackie to Facebook. Between picking out photos of her, and looking at the ones our friends have chosen, I’ve remembered tons of great stories. I can’t help but smile.

But as Jackie slips away, it’s getting harder for me to look at them…to know that sparkle in her eyes and smile is gone….knowing that soon, she will be, too.