When I saw my friend Anissa in February of this year, after we hugged and squealed she pushed me away and said, “I’m so mad at you for not bringing that baby!” I told her that I’d brought the next best thing – a video of Madeline that I’d filmed just for Anissa.

I’d been chatting with Anissa the first time Maddie heard Beyonce’s song “Single Ladies.” I told Anissa all about how Maddie stopped playing and started dancing. Since that song was EVERYWHERE when it first came out, Maddie quickly learned it and would dance whenever it came on the radio or TV. Mike and I taught her the hand motion to go along with the video, and then it was all over. So, of course Anissa wanted to see proof of this.

The last time I saw Anissa, in September, we watched one of our favorite TV Shows Glee. “Single Ladies” was one of the songs on the show. She sat there and held my hand when the tears filled my eyes. That night, we laid side by side and talked about Maddie.

This one’s for you, Anissa.

if you can’t see the video above, click here.