When we woke up yesterday morning the first thing Annabel said was, “It’s Maddie’s birthday today!!!!” She immediately started asking about cream puffs. Since the schools were all closed for Veteran’s Day, the kids and I met up with my friend Tara and her kids at a park. Three of her kids gave me awesome drawings for Maddie.

drawings for Maddie from Georgie, Reilly, and Molly.
I’m sure, if given the opportunity, Baby Cait would have drawn something equally as stunning.

After the park, Annie, James, and I spent some time with Gramma and Bampa. When we got home, Annie decided to decorate, but since we didn’t have any streamers she used…toilet paper. She got very frustrated with how it looked (not…great) and refused to let me photograph it, but I assured her that it was the thought that counted. She decided to draw pictures and hang them everywhere instead.

Annie's drawings

I especially liked this one that she drew of our family:

our family, by Annabel
left to right: Annie, Maddie, James, Heather, Rigby, Mike

When Mike came home, Annabel almost tackled him to get to the cream puffs. I don’t think she could have waited another minute.

Cream Puffs!

We sang Happy Birthday to Maddie, and of course, Annie blew out the candle.

blowing out the candle for Maddie

James did not appreciate being unable to eat a cream puff.

James is mad-jealous

I received a bunch of texts, emails, tweets, and comments wishing Maddie a happy birthday, and they meant so much to me. I am so afraid people will forget what this day means to us. It was one of the best days of my life, and I am terrified that if people forget the day, they’ll forget the girl. I don’t want her to ever be forgotten.