This last weekend Annie went to her first birthday party. My oldest (since 1981) and bestest friend Tara’s daughter Reilly turned four on the 13th, and to celebrate we all dressed like princesses.

fairy mommy and princess annie

I am the Mommy Fairy Princess, and Annie is the Purple Tutu Princess. They are very famous princesses.

Maddie’s first birthday party was Reilly’s second birthday, and last year she went to her third birthday party, where she dyed her face and fingers with delicious frosting.

cupcake for my cupcake

Reilly was super excited to meet, as she calls her, Baby Annabel. She asked me if she could hold Baby Annabel, “when I am older.” I told her it could be arranged.

three princesses
Meeting Baby Annabel is exciting, but nothing compares to holding Tinkerbell’s wand.

Reilly talks to Tara about Baby Maddie almost every day. Whenever I see Reilly she talks to me about her too. It makes me happy to know that Reilly still thinks about Maddie and knows who she is. Most of Maddie’s friends aren’t going to have memories of her, but Reilly does and that means so much to me.

Three of three! SUCCESS!

Maddie, Reilly, and Reilly’s brother Georgie in September of 2008

I look forward to the day when Reilly will be able to tell Annie stories about big sister.