A while back Sarah asked me to tell a story about a time Maddie was mischievous. There are definitely plenty of moments like that. Maddie was often testing her boundaries, seeing what she could get away with and stick her hands into.

When we were in Arizona in March, Maddie was OBSESSED with the heating and air conditioning unit that was in the room. She would make a mad crawling dash for it the second Mike or I put her on the ground. She’d pull herself up and start trying to turn the knobs, poking her little fingers through the grate. Mike and I spent more time pulling her off the unit than anything else. Every time we told her no? She’d smile and laugh. So hard to get mad at that.

My parents’ house had two things Maddie was obsessed with. The first was the bass speaker that sat next to their TV. It had a deep indent on the front, and Maddie LOVED to stick her entire arm into it. She’d stop for a minute, then when she thought no one was looking, she’d ever so slowly slide her arm back into the speaker. And when we’d tell her no? She’d smile and laugh.

The other forbidden fruit at my parents’ house was another air conditioning vent. It was at floor level, so it was really easy for her to reach. In this video, my mom and I are playing with Maddie when she suddenly decides the vent is MUCH more appealing to her.

if you can’t see the video above, click here.

After I stopped recording the video? She smiled at me and laughed.