My dearest daughter

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As you all probably know by now, the March of Dimes is a cause near and dear to the Spohr family. If it hadn’t been for the advances in neonatal care that were made possible by the MoD, we wouldn’t have had our Madeline for seventeen months – she wouldn’t have made it 24 hours.

After Madeline’s premature birth, Mike and I swore we would do what we could to help other families whose babies faced the same battle. Our resolve only grew after Maddie passed, and we fervently support the March of Dimes – a wonderful organization that gave us much support in our time of need.

The March of Dimes’ biggest fundraiser is the March For Babies. There are walks in cities all over the nation. The Spohr family is very excited to once again take part. By participating, we are helping The March of Dimes champion the needs of families and babies in our community and across the nation. The money we raise for March for Babies will support lifesaving research, services, education and advocacy that help babies get a healthy start – babies like Madeline’s sister Annabel, who made it to full term thanks in large part to medical advances championed by the March of Dimes.

Last year, our team March For Maddie, was the biggest family team in Los Angeles, and raised more money than any other family team in the ENTIRE COUNTRY. Across the United States, there were over fifty teams that raised an additional forty THOUSAND dollars, bringing the total amount raised in Maddie’s name to over ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS. Amazing.

We know we’ll never live up to last year when it comes to money raised – although we do want to hit our team goal of $20,000 – but we’re hoping we will still be the biggest team in Los Angeles. Beyond that, we’re hoping that everyone who walked in Maddie’s name last year will walk again. And to everyone who didn’t walk last year, we hope this will be the year you join, or even start, a team.

If you’re in Los Angeles, we would be honored if you would march with us. You can sign up HERE to join the original March For Maddie team. If you are elsewhere in the country and have started a team, there is a linky below to list your team so others near you can join. Not a team in your area? Start one! Or, if there isn’t a walk near you, join our team as a marcher in spirit. And, we are exceedingly grateful to anyone who donates to our cause – you can give by clicking on the March of Dimes widget in the sidebar on the right.

There will be shirts soon for anyone who wants one – I’ll post the link to order them ASAP.

Thank you all for loving our daughter. We miss Madeline so much, but knowing that there are people all over the world that have been touched by her is indescribable. We are all doing amazing things in her memory.

If you have any questions, PLEASE don’t hesitate to email me at thespohrs at gmail dot com.

Marching for Maddie? Please leave your city and team name, along with a link to your team, in the linky widget below.