This past Saturday we gathered together for Maddie and all the other babies the March of Dimes strives to help.

march for maddie 2013

We put on our purple and our Maddie shirts, and we marched.

ready to march

uncle bastin, annie, uncle kyle

(although, some of us had to roll, thanks to doctor’s orders)

ready to roll

Sitting in the chair was a unique experience. It was humbling to rely on others to help me, but I was incredibly thankful that there was no shortage of people offering to push me (and often Annie, who preferred my lap to her stroller). It was definitely the easiest 5K I’ve ever completed. I barely broke a sweat!

Being the in the chair also gave me the opportunity to look at the people walking around us. Some were walking with their former preemies. Others were walking in memory of them. Seeing other families literally walking the same path only makes me more determined to help end prematurity.

walking for him

I hope Annie and her brother and all of their friends only hear about prematurity in the past tense.

Emma and Annie

Thank you to everyone who came from near and far to walk with us, to those who walked in spirit, and to those of you who donated to our team. Words cannot express how much your support means to us, but your gestures and sacrifices for our family and others like our are vastly appreciated. Thank you for making a difference.