Whenever Maddie went to my parents’ house, she watched Sesame Street. It’s not that I didn’t like Sesame Street, because I do (although I am not Elmo’s number one fan), it’s just that Sesame Street was the special thing Maddie did when she was with Gramma and Bampa.

watching elmo. BUT Tina Fey was guesting, so I allowed it.

And while she tolerated Elmo, she LOOOOOOVED Abby Cadabby. I think it was all the pink and purple.

She LIT UP when she saw Abby Cadabby. So when I saw a small Abby Cadabby doll at Target, there was no question that I’d buy it. And she loved her Abby doll. It was the first object that she really imprinted on. She took Abby along on every adventure,
Maddie & Abby

Abby Cadaby sleeps on her stomach, too.

and on her first plane ride (sorry for the blurry cell pic).
Ready for takeoff

My parents, knowing of Maddie’s affinity for all things Abby, sent Maddie an Abby Cadabby Valentine’s Day Card. Maddie loved it.

If you can’t see the video above, click here.

I carry her Abby doll with me everywhere now. We both miss our buddy.