Maddie was such a curious little girl. I remember one occasion when I was holding her in the NICU. She was on my lap facing me, but her eyes were focused on the nursing staff bustling behind me. And even though I know newborns can’t see well (especially preemies), but I could swear that she was studying those nurses.

As she grew older, her curiosity only increased. She wanted to SEE and TOUCH everything, especially if her mommy or daddy or grandparents or uncle or anyone else had it in their hands.

She always wanted the video camera. She knew that if she crawled over to whoever was filming her, that person would play back the video for her delight. But she had to make an attempt at the camera first.

Going for her Uncle Kyle…

if you can’t see the video above, click here.

…and going for me…

if you can’t see the video above, click here.

I loved it when she’d come for me. She crawled with such purpose. She was on a mission!

I miss that little determined face and that sweet voice so, so much.