I had a good trip to San Francisco. Jackie has an apartment in a great part of the city…this is the view from her corner:


I looked at it every two hours, when I had to move my car. I hate your stupid parking, San Francisco.

We we very chill the majority of the time. Jackie tried to play host and suggested we go see Alcatraz, which has become a running joke between us. Over the past few years, whenever I’ve gone to SF Jackie has always said something like, “I’m not very fun right now,” and I always reply, “That’s okay, I didn’t come to see Alcatraz.” I’m not there to see the sights. Besides, I saw The Rock, Alcatraz is just a big jail with Sean Connery. Booooring…but sexshy.

We did go out in her neighborhood a bit, mostly to get food and snacks, although we also saw The Artist and really liked it. We felt like seeing the Academy Award winner for best picture helped balance all the…well, I don’t want to say horrible, so let’s just say non award-winning movies we watched on TV. There was also a lot of facebooking old friends, flipping through magazines, and I read The Hunger Games…which in hindsight probably wasn’t the wisest book to read what with all of the um, bad stuff that happens in the books, but oh well.

There was also a lot of talking…. about our lives… the unexpected twists… how we were feeling… with plenty of room for trivial topics, the kind of fun things we’ve always talked about.

Sitting beside her, laughing and watching TV, I felt transported back to many lazy afternoons we’d simply hung out and enjoyed each others’ company… in our sorority house, in our apartment in Hermosa Beach… and though things have changed in our lives so much since we first met as carefree college girls, we still don’t need anything to have a great time together. We just need each other.