I am speaking tomorrow at the service for my daughter. The FUNERAL service for MY DAUGHTER. I type the words, and I understand them, but I feel as if I am talking about someone else. I see the emails, the comments, the tweets, the cards, the letters, the donations to the March of Dimes, the articles, the TV stories, and I can’t comprehend that it’s my daughter that’s being talked about. I can’t comprehend.

The people that already know I’m speaking don’t understand how I can. I’ve had several family members and friends offer to go up with me in case I falter and can’t go on. I’ve said thanks, but no thanks.

I can do it. I will channel all the bravery my Maddie had, all the strength and courage she showed in her too-short life, and I will pay my daughter tribute. As her mommy, I owe her this.

If I tell myself enough that I can do it, then maybe I can.