You have a lump in your throat.

You’re nauseous.

The wind is knocked out of you.

Every inch of your body hurts, even your hair.

Yet you feel like your limbs aren’t attached to your torso.

All you want to do is sleep, but closing your eyes brings horrible images.

You scream, but your voice is gone.

Crying hurts.

Breathing hurts.

Living hurts.

Your head is splitting, and your ears are ringing.

There are bruises on your knees from being knocked to the ground.

You carry 1,000 pounds on your shoulders 24 hours a day.

You’re exhausted.

People speak around you, but you feel like you’re in a bubble.

There is always a sense of dread.

Your heart is broken.

You feel all of this all the time.

And yet…

This is only the tip of how grief feels.