Maddie had a thing for glasses. Both Mike and I have terrible vision. We wear contacts when we leave the house, but at home we both wear glasses. Maddie loved to grab them off our noses. Mike’s frames are now a bit bent, the arms bending too far in the wrong direction.

Meghan’s awesome little man Zach wears glasses. This picture is so Maddie…she’s looking at me like, “Do you SEE that he has glasses?!?!?!”

Maddie and Zach

Not long after that picture was taken…

Maddie and Zach

…she got those glasses. She always got what she wanted.

She’s been gone a month. From April 7 to May 7. Seven is definitely not my lucky number. Not that it ever was. But now I hate it.

I have my pictures. I have my memories. I remember her grabbing my own glasses, and giving me sweet slobbery open-mouth kisses.

I would give anything for just one more kiss.