After the March of Dimes walk in April, a young woman came up to me and gave me a beautiful drawing she’d done of Madeline:

Maddie, by pencil

At the time, I was being pulled in many different directions by March of Dimes dignitaries, and I wasn’t able to get the artist’s name or information. After I wrote about her on my blog and posted the image on flickr, my friends and readers helped me track her (Gabby) down, and I was able to thank her profusely for such a wonderful gift.

At the beginning of last week, Mike and I met up with Gabby, and she gave us another gorgeous creation:

Madeline, watercolor

Just like the pencil drawing, this watercolor captures Madeline so perfectly – her happy smile, her twinkling eyes. I’ve been staring at it for days. Thank you so much, Gabby, for using your talent on images of my daughter.

The day after Maddie’s birthday, Mike and I participated in a symposium at UCLA for pediatric doctors and nurses. Before the our session started I stood off to the side of the auditorium talking with some of the nurses I’d come to know and love when I saw someone standing off to my side. I turned and looked, and it was her: the nurse. I walked to her and we hugged and cried. She sat in the front during the symposium, and when I felt uncertain I looked to where she sat and felt comfort. After my session was over, we stood outside the auditorium and we talked and caught up. I told her about Binky and she told me about her engagement. She told me what Maddie meant to her, and that she’d read my post about her. Her name is Sally. Every day when I flash back to those three hours in the hospital, I feel her strong hand holding mine.

We have been sent some amazing things and had some amazing relationships start through the tragedy of losing my daughter. Slowly I will thank everyone personally. But please know how much you all mean to me, to Mike, to our family. We are so thankful for all your kindness.