Maddie was an awesome mimic. It was clear that she loved to get smiles and laughs out of everyone, so she was more than happy to repeat sounds and actions. In March my hilarious friend Alison was hanging out with us, and Maddie could totally keep up with her. They were a formidable comedy duo.

One of the bazillion things that makes me sad is that Maddie’s ability to communicate was really developing. Her personality always shone through, but she was getting better at expressing herself. I could see her wheels turning. I liked to say that I always knew what she was thinking, but really my girl surprised me every day.

I’ve talked lots and lots about Madeline’s relationship with music. Besides loving to hear music, she loved to make it. She would sing along with familiar songs, pound on her keyboard and toy guitar, and bang her hands to make rhythm. But, I actually got a video of her making up a little tune – AND busting a move to go along with it.

there should be a video above, if you can’t see it click here.

I mourn all the unsung melodies, all the beautiful music that could have been.