Maddie and I spent the week before she got sick at my parents’ house. We kept a lot of her toys here. My parents have a big house, perfect for the big toys. At a flea market last year, they came across the cute little blue chairs that I took dozens of pictures of Maddie sitting in.

Reilly & Maddie

That's my dog!

Cool little blondie

She loved those chairs. And she was fearless, climbing and standing on them. She loved to get on and off of the chair. And, of course, never the “right” way on and off. Although with Maddie, there was never a wrong way.

trying to run from Woz

Now one of the chairs is in our apartment. It seems out of place – it was ALWAYS at my parents’ house. But it’s sitting there next to her piano and her other favorite toys. Maddie would have been SO excited to have her chair at her own house. So it stays, empty, and her toys stay, silent.

I took a video of her standing on her chair. I cut short the recording because she was getting a little TOO bold, and I was worried she might fall.

I can’t stop staring at her little knees. I don’t remember kissing them.

In the past, I’ve shared videos of Maddie every Friday. It was my lazy way of posting a blog update. And now I’m still posting them, but one of these days I’m going to run out of videos to post. I don’t know what I’ll do.