Madeline was the most determined little girl I have ever met. Being a determined person myself, I was prepared for this (I think “determined” sounds so much better than “stubborn,” don’t you?).

She needed that determination to get her through her gestation, NICU stay and hospital visits.

She needed that determination to do simple things like breathe with her scarred lungs.

But she also used that spirit for more fun things, like when she was determined to stay awake longer than her mommy.

Or when she decided she wanted something she shouldn’t have – like a phone, remote control, computer, anything with buttons.

When she figured out that she didn’t have to rely on Mike or me to carry her from place to place, there was no stopping her. She started with a funny army crawl – arms pulling her body behind her.

Mike and I always cheered her on, but she didn’t need it – she was determined to get to where she wanted to go.

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When she set her mind to it, nothing could stop her.