I met up with my friend Dana today in the beach town we used to live in. We had lunch on the rooftop deck of a restaurant next to the sand. It was good for me to sit in the sun.

After lunch, we walked around on the pier and the beach. Memories of my previous life came flooding back. All the things I wanted to share with Madeline.

I wanted to teach her how to dive through a wave
diving through a wave

and how to surf.

I wanted her to see fishermen

and have an elevated view.

I wanted her to walk the street where I lived
The street where I lived

meet a sea creature
from the depths of the sea

and smell flowers that look like trumpets.

I wanted to sit on this bench with her, and watch the waves crash below us while we talked about anything and everything.
a bench for Maddie and me

I wanted to see her learn about and discover all the things I loved. I wanted to walk through life holding her hand and leading her, until she was old enough to do the leading. I wanted so much, and yet, not that much at all.