Kathy laughing at Andrew's Speech

When Madeline was in the NICU, my Aunt Kathy sent her a card every day.

Kathy finished four weeks of full-brain radiation last week. She was incredibly weak, sleeping almost round the clock. The doctors remained optimistic.

Two days ago, Kathy watched a movie with her sister, my Aunt Terry. The next morning, she was in the hospital. And today, she’s gone.

She was only diagnosed six weeks ago.

We are all in shock. My mom is with her other sister, and my brother and cousin are with Mike, Annie and me.

I love my aunt so much. She’s always been such a supportive force in my life. I can’t believe she’s gone.

The only comfort I have is that someone my Maddie knows is now on the other side, and I hope they are together.

Kathy and Maddie