The urge to escape was overwhelming. On Tuesday, Mike, Annabel and I got in the car and drove south. When we reached our destination, we were finally able to rest.

We spent a lot of time quietly together.

Annabel and Mommy

Annabel and Daddy

On the seventh, we took Annabel to places we’d always wanted to show Madeline.

Hotel Del Coronado


We enjoyed a purple feast sent by amazing friends.

a purple feast

And we picked out some lovely purple flowers.

purple tulips

As the day grew older, we went down to the water’s edge. We sat, the three of us, on a bench built for four.


We told Annabel stories of her sister, and she listened intently.


And then, at the right time, we took our flowers and threw them into the sea, one by one.

For Madeline

For Madeline

For Madeline

We can’t escape forever. Soon we have to return home and live another year. Madeline has been gone 365 days. Where do we go from here?