After Maddie passed away I didn’t know if I would ever pick up my camera again. The joy I took from photography was gone. I had to force myself to take pictures and when I did, I felt like I connected with Maddie. She loved to sit on my lap and look at the photos on the screen. Still, it was very hard to take pictures knowing Madeline wouldn’t see any of them.

I am so glad I have another tiny muse.


he went that way!

I am so thankful I have the thousands of photos I took of Maddie. I spend hours looking at them, remembering the moments surrounding them, reliving memories. One thing I noticed was, as the photographer, there weren’t a lot of photos of me and Maddie together. I vowed this time around to change that. So today, when I was playing with Annabel, I asked Mike to take some pictures of the two of us.

playing with Mommy

looking at me like I'm crazy\

Annabel and Mommy

In the day of digital photography, it’s so easy to take hundreds (or even thousands) of pictures. Trust me, you’re never going to look back and say, “gosh, I wish I hadn’t used up that room on my hard drive on pictures of my baby’s first year.” I have a picture of almost every single day of Madeline’s life, and I can say the same for Annabel. I tell everyone to keep their cameras with them in their purses, diaper bags, etc. You won’t regret it.

Some day, you’ll be able to look back on the days and moments that might seem mundane at the time, and be so glad you captured an instant.

mommy kisses