From the moment we discovered I was pregnant with Madeline, we knew it was just a matter of time before Rigby threw us over for the baby. It started right away.

her pride is evident

She even came to visit when I was on hospital bed rest.

Rigby and me!
it was totally allowed. cough.

And when she couldn’t visit Maddie in the hospital, she sent a stand-in.
Rigby Substitute
almost life-like!

After Maddie came home, Rigby realized she had a new partner in her favorite activity – snuggling.

Rigby and Maddie snuggling

Best Friends

sleeping friends

They shared tons of good times together,

laughing at jokes,

You stay away from my balls
playing ball,

Rigby and Maddie
keeping each other clean,

sneaking food,

Merry Christmas from Maddie & Rigby!
and dressing alike.

In the morning when we’d wake up, Maddie would make a beeline for where Rigby lay sprawled at the end of the bed. One of Maddie’s first words was Doggie. She loved her puppy SO MUCH. On Maddie’s last night at home, Rigby was glued to her. She insisted on sleeping right next to her instead of at our feet. When Maddie would wake with a little cough, Rigby would nuzzle her hand or foot. Rigby was there for her best friend, and Maddie knew it.

They will always be the best of friends.
petting her puppy