I woke up on Tuesday and the first thing that came to mind was, “ugh, I got my period.” And then I woke up a little more and remembered that I was pregnant so there were no periods coming that day. And then I woke up a little more and thought, crap. The irritability is back. I took both of my anti-contraction meds and tried to focus on the day.

Mike and I went to pick up Rigby and ended up waiting more than an hour to retrieve her because all the vets and techs were in an emergency (doggy hit by car). While we sat in the waiting room, my cramping started to get worse. Just as I was about to tell Mike that I needed to leave, the vet brought out Rigby! She was so happy to see us. She had a little bandage wrapped around her right front leg from where the IV had been, and a huuuuge scar on her belly from the surgery. The vet went over everything with us (the stones were struvite, diet should keep them away, more antibiotics), and then she was free!

Rigby is clearly very happy to be home, but she’s definitely still recovering.

just pathetic

We also caught her trying to lick her scar on several occasions, so she now has a lovely new accessory:

this inflatable keeps me from licking my vagina!
pretty sure she’s gonna run away from home for this one.

The cramping, unfortunately, sent me to Labor and Delivery again. Dr. Risky’s nurse practitioner sent me there before I even saw Dr. Risky for my usual appointment. I wasn’t really happy about that – I felt like it was the golden opportunity where the car is actually making the funny noise for the mechanic, you know? But off I went to labor and delivery. I was lucky enough to avoid a sterile speculum exam this time, but I still got all the other goodies – two different ultrasounds (you know, one outside, one inside), and a cervix check.

Seriously now…how the HELL do you women in labor stand a cervix check? Holy crap.

The resident that checked my cervix pronounced it closed, but soft. When she told me that, I sighed, because I knew Dr. Risky wouldn’t like that. After the residents and nurse left my room, I made myself comfortable and tried not to think about how many people had been all up in my vagina since Saturday.

After what felt like forever, my nurse came back in the room to tell me what Dr. Risky had decided. The contraction monitor had showed more irritability, even after the nifedipine dose I’d taken. Dr. Risky realized I was playing catch up with my contraction meds, so now instead of taking them as-needed, I am to take the anti-contraction meds around the clock.

The nurse then said, “Dr. Risky also wants you to lay down as much as possible, and really only get up to go to the bathroom.”

Me: *silence* *pause* *beat*  You mean, bed rest?

Nurse: No…I asked her that, and she said not to say “bed rest” to you.

I had to laugh at that, like my brain would explode if I was put on bed rest again. Although, maybe it would, I don’t know. But basically, I have to “lay down as much as possible” until I see Dr. Risky next Tuesday. I really wish I could have seen her on Tuesday but I guess Dr. Risky figured the 87 residents who had their hands in my vagina were enough for one day.

So, let’s go over the similarities between me and Rigby – we’re both on special diets, we’re both on meds, we both have scars near our lady parts, we both have to lay down all the time, and we’re both only allowed to get up to pee. It’s practically impossible to tell us apart.


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