Hi everyone,

It’s baby update time. Yesterday was the day Mike and I went back to the specialist to evaluate the baby and the masses. I was feeling pretty good, but Mike was nervous. We surprisingly didn’t have to wait too long to be seen, and soon we were looking at the ultrasound screen. The masses are definitely blood clots, and they are organized, which apparently is a good thing (when I heard they were organized, I pictured little blood clots on strike with their local union…I’m weird). Then we saw the baby and s/he looks great! We could see the little tot moving around, flailing arms and legs all over the place. It was very cool and totally weird because something is moving in there! The baby is also measuring a week ahead of schedule, which is great because it shows that the clots aren’t impeding growth. If the growth stays like this, we’ll be looking at a big, hopefully healthy baby. Although, I’m less excited about the big part… I still have to take it easy, no prolonged standing or activity, but considering how in the depths we were just three weeks ago we feel so happy and lucky with how things have turned for us. We are very thankful for all your cards, wishes, and prayers. It meant so much to us!

I attached a picture of the ultrasound…it actually looks like a baby and not like a blob. Mike’s mom says the baby looks exactly like him…you can be the judge. Right now it’s about three inches long and weighs about an ounce. Svelte!

This is the last email about all this, I promise. I understand most of you won’t care until the baby is born! Now that it looks like the drama is over, I will go back to forwarding YouTube videos of fights at Dodger Stadium.

Have a nice weekend!

Love, Heather & Mike