I took James and Annabel to Dr. Looove’s office this week for check-ups. James needed his two-month well baby visit, and Annabel needed a check-up before preschool started. The morning of the appointments, I told Annabel what we were about to do and she flipped. Not because she was scared, but because she was excited. She adores Dr. Looove (just like me!). In fact, when we play doctor, Annie wants us to call her Dr. Annie Looove.

Before we left for the appointments, I was running around the house grabbing everything we needed when Annie hollered at me, “Mama! I’m ready!” And she definitely was:

Time For Your Check Up!

I cracked up and told her she didn’t need to bring her doctor gear, but she insisted.

When we arrived at the office, everyone made quite the fuss over the adorable doctor and her baby brother. Unsurprisingly, Annabel ate it up. A few nurses came into our exam room so Annie could listen to their heartbeats with her “Tethescope.” One nurse asked Annie if she liked Doc McStuffins and Annie’s mouth dropped open. “YOU know Doc McStuffins?! Wow!”

When Dr. Looove walked in the room, she said, “I heard there’s a doctor in here that needs a consult!” She played along with Annie the entire time, explaining what she was doing and inviting her to help. She even let Annie use her (real) stethoscope to listen to her heart beat. This is why her online name is Dr. Looove – I just love her and the way she cares for our family.

After Annie’s evaluation was over, it was James’ turn. I’d told Annie that James was probably going to be scared, especially when he received his vaccinations. Annie told me she’d make sure James always knew she was there so “he won’t be afraid of anything.”

helping her brother be brave
She held his hand the entire time.

When it came time for James to get his shots, Annie chanted over and over, “Be brave! Be brave! Be brave!” James cried out for a moment (seriously the most I’ve ever heard him cry), but Annie ran over and started kissing his hands and face. He settled down instantly.

Having a Doctor-Big-Sister has its privileges.