It’s strange that I am simultaneously feeling very good and really crappy so far in this pregnancy. I have the same “woes” as usual – hormonal headaches, fatigue, and non-stop nauseousness. But I went into this pregnancy in good shape, in lots of ways. I am literally in pretty good shape, down about fifteen pounds (well, more now, thanks to the 24/7 morning sickness) and with a healthy exercise habit. And I guess I am just…I don’t know, at peace? with the whole thing. I am going to do everything my doctors tell me to do, I’m going to listen to my body, and I am going to know I did everything I could.

But really, it helps me tremendously to be back with Dr. Risky and the whole “Annie Team.” I practically skipped down the hallway to her office before my first appointment. She and her staff were all happy to see us and friendly and helpful and I love them. They were all a HUGE asset when I was trying to track down my missing medical records. Which, funny story. I wrote a letter and sent it to a bunch of higher-ups at the hospital and in the patient relations department. I received a call from an important person in the health management department the day she received my letter, and wouldn’t you know it? My records were found that very day.

Annie is excited in her Annie way. She runs up to me when I get home from every appointment and asks me if I saw the baby. When I show her a copy of the latest ultrasound and point things out to her she says, “Ohhhhh, I see it!” If you ask her if she wants a brother or sister, she will tell you what she wants – but it changes every day. I asked her what we should name the baby if he’s a boy and she said, “Princess Brother.” Her most common question is, “When can I play with my baby?” I am really excited for her to be a big sister, and to have a friend for life.

I am on the aspirin/anti-coagulant injections combo for my clotting disorder and it’s been okay so far. I had a fair amount of spotting in the first few weeks that was chalked up to the blood thinners, which was unnerving. My insurance wouldn’t pay for the blood thinner I had during Annie’s pregnancy, Arixtra, so I am on the much more commonly used Lovenox. The biggest difference I see between the two is the stomach bruising. With Arixtra, I bruised maybe every fourth shot. With Lovenox, I get a bruise and puncture mark with every shot. Now I’ll never be a pregnant bikini model!

So, anything can happen, but I am looking forward to the positive things. Like pregnancy hair! And feeling the baby move! And a couple more weeks of getting to choke down whatever food I want before I have to start choking down diabetic food! But most of all I am really really looking forward to May and seeing Annie hold a healthy, snuggly little baby.