As I mentioned, I spent some time in the ER last week. Actually, I spent the majority of Thursday and Friday and half of yesterday in and around the hospital complex, either in the ER getting fluids, or having check ups with Dr. Risky or her partner, Dr. No Vowels. The good news? The Acrobat looks great. All the first trimester tests came back with low risks for any major health problems, and it’s always excellent to get that encouraging news.

I’ve had two ultrasounds in the last five days and The Acrobat lived up to the nickname, flipping around, kicking and waving arms, taking big gulps of amniotic fluid, and grabbing the umbilical cord. As Dr. Risky said yesterday, the baby is oblivious to my issues. He/she is growing well (including the signature giant Spohr-Head), and that’s what I focus on. I might be wasting away but The Acrobat is thriving. Okay I’m not really wasting away, I have like….thirty pounds to go before I fall into that category, but I’ve lost ten percent of my body weight according to my pregnancy app. Why can’t I lose weight like this when I’m actually trying? Stupid hyperemesis.

I’m in the second trimester so every doctor I’ve seen lately is like, “Hmmm…you really should start feeling better now.” Mike’s response is always, “yeah, but she’s still throwing up twenty times a day, so what are we going to do about it?” The ER doctors have all suggested taking lower doses of vitamin B6 more often during the day, so I started that a few days ago. Dr. No Vowels and Dr. Risky both just want me to get IV fluids with greater frequency. That means going to the ER with greater frequency, and I haaaate going to the ER. It’s germy and also? It costs me a lot of money. Obviously my health and the baby’s health are worth every penny, but it’s hard to not think about the price tag. Although, I’ve met my deductible for the year, so…SALINE BAGS FOR EVERYONE! And maybe some elective surgeries, I don’t know, I’m feeling generous.

All joking aside, next month I’ll be far enough along that my hospital will let me go to the Labor and Delivery unit for IVs. I can deal with another month or so of the ER knowing there’s a comfy L&D light at the end of the tunnel.

Whenever we get back from the doctor, Annie immediately runs up to us and says, “Did you see my baby? Can I see too?” No “Hi,” or a hug, I see how it is. Yesterday I handed her the latest printout and she squealed with delight, then explained what she saw.

the acrobat

“It’s a girl and she is so cute. There’s her teeth! They are so tiny, so very very tiny. And she’s got a big smile and tiny, tiny little fingers. I will hold her fingers!”

I’m glad she gets so much out of looking at the ultrasound pictures. She seems genuinely excited and curious about the baby, so I’m even more motivated to get through these rough parts so I can bring Annie that cute, tiny-fingered, tiny-toothed baby.