Rigby had her follow up with the vet this last weekend. Mike had to take her. I could have gone but…OK. Confession time. Stitches COMPLETELY FREAK ME OUT. I have been known to avoid doctors and emergency rooms just so I don’t have to get stitches for my wounds. The mere IDEA of stitches makes me feel all squicky inside. You’re probably thinking, “but Heather, you’ve had a c-section, so surely you’ve had stitches.” NO. My former OB used glue. Some people think this is gross. I say NOTHING IS GROSSER THAN STITCHES. Except possibly staples. OMG I just threw up a little.

So Rigby had stitches in her belly from her surgery, and the vet needed to examine them and remove any that hadn’t dissolved. Luckily, all of them had dissolved but one, and the vet said that one was about to go. She said Rigby is healing wonderfully, thank goodness. She’s lost some weight on her new diet since that is ALL she’s eating right now. We might be able to slowly introduce the occasional treat back into her diet, but no more bones or human food. She’s acting like her normal self, which is great. But now she sits forlornly at Mike’s feet while he eats, praying for something to miss his mouth and hit the ground. Meanwhile, I could throw an entire plate of my diabetic food on the ground (believe me, I’ve thought about it) and she’d sniff it disdainfully. Whatever, Rigby.

Speaking of diabetic food, my body isn’t digging it. At first I cut out too many carbs (I am actually supposed to have a certain amount of carbs every day) so I wasn’t getting proper nutrition. So I introduced carbs back into my diet, and my blood sugar was too high. So today, Dr. Risky started me on an oral medication to help with my blood sugar called Glyburide. I have seriously lost count of how many medications I’ve been on during this pregnancy. I’ve also lost weight on my diabetic diet, but it doesn’t seem to be adversely effecting Binky’s growth. She is still gigantic, and so am I.

My stomach is 46 inches around, so only up about half an inch from a couple weeks ago, but my stomach is taller (if that makes sense) and all around large. Binky’s breech position has explained a lot of the discomfort I’ve been feeling. I don’t have the bladder pressure but my ribs are screeeeaaaaming. She loves to bang her little head into my rib cage, and I’m pretty sure she’s made it her goal to burrow under my ribs. It must be really comfortable there.

Dr. Risky, Mike, and I talked about possible C-Section dates today. I’m not at all convinced I’ll make it to even the earliest day discussed. I know this is more my mental block on going to term, and the fact that she’s already big. I’d like to be proven wrong, though. But just in case, I have my hospital bag packed.